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Screenshot for .net desktop app CodeMade Clock

CodeMade Clock

3 months ago322

"My first desktop app was an analog clock built in VB6, this is the latest and greatest incarnation of the same idea. What's different about it (other than "it looks n…"

Open source desktop app built with .net core and c# by @lorisdev.

indie, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net mobile app OurPlace


3 months ago353

"OurPlace is a mobile platform that supports creating, sharing, and completing highly customizable mobile learning activities. These activities are built by combining bit…"

Open source mobile app built with Xamarin and c# by @GSDan.

hobbyist, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net library or nuget package OwaspHeaders.Core


3 months ago377

"An ASP.NET Core middleware component for injecting the OWASP recommended HTTP Headers for increased security. This project targets .NET Standard 2.0, which is usable …"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net core and c# by @dotnetcoreshow.

open source contributor, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net other Excel Price Feed

Excel Price Feed

3 months ago118

"Live, streaming and historical financial prices in your Excel spreadsheet. Live & Historical Price Data Integrate streaming or on-demand live and historical financia…"

Other built with .net framework and c#.

startup, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net desktop app NetPlay


4 months ago211

"NetPlay is an open-source low-resource audio player based on the NAudio Library, which it relies on for playback. It also uses the TagLibSharp library for reading ID3 Ta…"

Open source desktop app built with .net framework and c# by @danielshroff.

hobbyist, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net mobile app Empires Of Lore

Empires Of Lore

4 months ago166

"Having been let down by several mobile games I simply decided that I could do better. With zero game development experience, and have been told that it is impossible to …"

Mobile app built with Xamarin and c# by @rob_daytona.

indie, United Kingdom

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