Projects built with .net framework, .net core, xamarin, mono, mono game, unity, or godot
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The goal of this site is to show the breadth of the .net eco system and to inspire each other with the wide range of projects being built with .net tech - I’d love to showcase yours on this site.

I want to show EVERYTHING. Huge, tiny, open-source, commercial, enterprise, web apps, mobile apps, command line tool, simple utilities, desktop applications, mobile games, console games, VR or AR apps, IoT - you name it. As long as it's built with .net in any way, shape or form, it belongs on this site.

Whether you're a seasoned back-end developer, an indie game studio, a mobile app boutique, or a hobbyist hacking around in the attic, your work can inspire others.

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A little bit about this site

Hello, I'm Corstiaan. I'm a software developer from the Netherlands and I manage BuiltWithDot.Net. I created this site as a place where developers working with .net technology can showcase their projects and inspire other developers.

There's so much you can build with .net these days that I thought it would be nice to have a corner of the web dedicated to the breadth of .net. Enjoy!

What is the .net community working on?

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