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Rebooting BuiltWithDot.Net: New Updates And Renewed Focus.

3 months ago by Corstiaan Hesselink

Hey everyone,

It's been quite a journey with BuiltWithDot.Net, and after some time on the sidelines, I'm excited to bring the site back to life. I've been quietly working on some updates and fixes that I hope will make the platform even more useful for the .NET community.

Here's What's New:

  • Social Logins Sorted: I know how annoying login issues can be, so I've fixed the login process with Twitter, GitHub, and Google. It should be smooth sailing from here on out.
  • Project Submission Bug Squashed: There was a bug in the project submission form that was causing some headaches. It's fixed now, so you can share your projects without any trouble.
  • Welcoming .NET MAUI: I've added support for .NET MAUI projects on the platform. It's a small step towards keeping up with the latest in .NET development.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Admin Panel: I've put together a new admin panel to help me manage project submissions more efficiently. This is more of a behind-the-scenes update, but it means I can get your projects up for the community to see faster. I might make this tool available to everyone down the line as it's coming together quite nicely.
  • Twitter Bot is Back: The Twitter bot took a bit of a hiatus, but it's now back in action. I've worked around the recent API changes, so new projects will automatically get a shoutout on the Twitter feed.

I'm not aiming for fireworks with this update. Instead, I'm focusing on making BuiltWithDot.Net a bit better, one step at a time. The site's revival is as much about enhancing functionality as it is about reaffirming my commitment to the .NET developer community. But note that this will remain a side project for now.

I'm here to support your projects and showcase the wide variety of things you can build with .NET. These updates are the first steps and I'm recommitted to improving this site, bit by bit. I've got my ears open for your feedback and suggestions for what you'd like to see next.

New projects are very welcome here.

Thank you for your patience and support!

About Corstiaan Hesselink

I’m a software developer from the Netherlands and I manage BuiltWithDot.Net. Over the past 20 years I have worked with many technologies but not many have stayed with me like .net and c#. With a great team, I help run Brookz.nl and Dealsuite.com as CTO and co-owner.

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A little bit about this site

Hello, I'm Corstiaan. I'm a software developer from the Netherlands and I manage BuiltWithDot.Net. I created this site as a place where developers working with .net technology can showcase their projects and inspire other developers.

There's so much you can build with .net these days that I thought it would be nice to have a corner of the web dedicated to the breadth of .net. Enjoy!

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