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Articles by Corstiaan Hesselink

30 days of BuiltWithDot.Net. Thank you, status update and roadmap.

5 years ago by Corstiaan Hesselink

It's been 30 days since launching BuiltWithDot.Net. The response from the community has been amazing. Here’s a quick rundown of the most notable events of the past month and a short roadmap.

A super short self study guide for software developers.

5 years ago by Corstiaan Hesselink

As a software developer, your world moves fast. Most projects are a stack of frameworks and libraries combined, both back-end as well as front-end, each with their own release cycles. How do we keep learning but not go insane?

Rebooting BuiltWithDot.Net: New Updates And Renewed Focus.

3 months ago by Corstiaan Hesselink

BuiltWithDot.Net is back with some key updates and bug fixes all aimed at enhancing the platform and reaffirming commitment to the .NET community.

A little bit about this site

Hello, I'm Corstiaan. I'm a software developer from the Netherlands and I manage BuiltWithDot.Net. I created this site as a place where developers working with .net technology can showcase their projects and inspire other developers.

There's so much you can build with .net these days that I thought it would be nice to have a corner of the web dedicated to the breadth of .net. Enjoy!

What is the .net community working on?

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