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"The Enterprise Web Library (EWL), and its tailored infrastructure platform, are a complete and open solution for developing and operating web-based enterprise software. The *Library* gives you a full development stack: * Application frameworks for web applications, background processes, and background workers. * A data-access layer supporting SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and soon PostgreSQL. * A core library that handles document manipulation, credit-card processing, email templating, and other business features. The *Platform* automates your infrastructure while avoiding cloud vendor lock-in with the following: * A Terraform configuration that creates cloud VMs for your live server(s), build server, and test/staging servers if you need them. * The EWL System Manager, which provisions these servers and automates your builds, deployments, database migrations, backups, application monitoring, etc."

Enterprise Web Library

3 months ago399

Open source library or nuget package built with .net framework and c# by @willgross.

open source contributor, United States

Project website: http://enterpriseweblibrary.org/

Creator website: http://wgross.net/

Project twitter: @EwlTeam

Repository: https://github.com/enduracode/enterprise-web-library

NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Ewl

Client/employer: EnduraCode

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