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"Lightweight HttpModule, REST API, and managed API for *safe* and highly-optimized server-side image processing. Docs: http://imageresizing.net/Support: http://imageresizing.net/supportWorks with .NET 4.5.1+, ASP.NET WebForms, MVC 1-4, WebAPI, Routing, IIS 7, 7.5, & 8, 8.1 and nearly all CMSes.Use ether the URL API: image.jpg?width=100&height=100 *or* the Managed API: ImageBuilder.Current.Build(source,dest,settings).ImageResizer provides incredible quality and highly-optimized image processing - by default. Don't leak memory by using System.Drawing directly or create horrible previews with GetThumbnailImage. Add the ImageResizer.Plugins.DiskCache package to serve dynamic images as fast as static ones. With this library, you can create beautiful image galleries, product thumbnails, and fast, scalable websites *without* sacrificing agility or responsive web design.## Functionality in this packageThe ImageResizer core package lets you: 1. Decode jpeg, png, gif, tiff, and bmp files from uploads, streams, byte arrays, and files. 2. Pre-rotate or flip (based on gravity sensor OR manual angle).3. Apply manual cropping in either source or screen coordinates.4. Efficiently apply width and/or height constraints, using any of several constraint modes: max, pad, crop, or stretch. Provides the highest quality image resampling (bicubic 2-pass) available on the windows platform.5. Rotate, flip, add borders, padding, margins, with custom colors.3. Re-compress into jpeg (with adjustable compression) or lossless png form -  as a byte array, stream, or file.All through a REST API and Managed API with a symmetrical command set. URL rewriting, custom authorization, 404 fallbacks, gradient generation, exif stripping, size limiting, and cache-control customization are also included in the core DLL.## 30+ plugins availableSearch 'ImageResizer' on nuget.org, or visit imageresizing.net to see 40+ plugins. Some offer 4-30x performance improvements; some render PDFs and PSDs; others detect faces and trim whitespace.You'll find  plugins for disk caching, memory caching, Microsoft SQL blob support, Amazon CloudFront, S3, Azure Blob Storage, MongoDB GridFS, automatic whitespace trimming, automatic white balance, octree 8-bit gif/png quantization and transparency dithering, animated gif resizing, watermark & text overlay support, content aware image resizing / seam carving (based on CAIR), grayscale, sepia, histogram, alpha, contrast, saturation, brightness, hue, Guassian blur, noise removal, and smart sharpen filters, psd editing & rendering, raw (CR2, NEF, DNG, etc.) file exposure, .webp (weppy) support, image batch processing & compression into .zip archives, red eye auto-correction,  face detection, and secure (signed!) remote HTTP image processing. Most datastore plugins support the Virtual Path Provider system, and can be used for non-image files as well.## Third-party integrationThird parties have made some excellent UI wrappers and plugins, including Eksponent CropUp, FluentExtensions, jQuery NailThumb, WebCropImage, and mindrevolution's ResponsivePresets. Check out our own StudioJS for an amazing image editing studio based on the REST API."


5 years ago396

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by Nathanael Jones & Imazen.

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Screenshot for .net library or nuget package Glass.Mapper.Sc.Core


5 years ago368

"An ORM for Sitecore. Map item data from Sitecore straight onto objects. Allows you to map fields,      relationships and queries as well as supp…"

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by Michael Edwards & Nathanael Mann.

unknown, Unknown country

Screenshot for .net library or nuget package Bootstrap.Switch


5 years ago380

"Turn checkboxes and radio buttons in toggle switches. Please report NuGet package issues to https://github.com/blachniet/bootstrap-switch-nuget/issues."

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by Mattia Larentis.

unknown, Unknown country

Screenshot for .net library or nuget package WebActivatorEx


5 years ago592

"A package that allows other packages to execute some startup code in web apps. This package should be used over the older WebActivator, which was not strong named."

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by David Ebbo.

unknown, Unknown country

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4 years ago3490

"CliWrap is a library that makes it easier to interact with command line interfaces. It provides a convenient wrapper around the target executable, allowing you to pass e…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c# by @Tyrrrz.

hobbyist, Ukraine

Screenshot for .net library or nuget package Fake.DotNet.Cli


5 years ago427

"FAKE - F# Make - is a build automation tool for .NET. Tasks and dependencies are specified in a DSL which is integrated in F#."

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by Steffen Forkmann, Mauricio Scheffer, Colin Bull & Matthias Dittrich.

unknown, Unknown country

Screenshot for .net library or nuget package Cake.Bakery


5 years ago394

"The Cake script analyzer and code generator."

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by Patrik Svensson, Mattias Karlsson, Gary Ewan Park, Alistair Chapman & Martin Björkström and contributors.

unknown, Unknown country

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