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"Cofoundry is an open source .NET Core CMS designed to work unobtrusively with your application. It's simple to install and our code-first approach to content and feature definition means we can optimize both the developer and content editor experience without having to compromise on either. For content management we have the usual pages, media, templates and content blocks you would expect from a CMS, but we also have a flexible custom entity system for defining content manageable entities such as authors, products, albums, cats etc. Content editors get an admin suite that is free from developer jargon and includes inline content editing for templated pages. Cofoundry uses ASP.NET Core framework concepts wherever possible and gives you complete freedom of choice for your front-end technology. The aim is to make developing with Cofoundry a natural fit for anyone experienced with ASP.Net Core development. For advanced users we have a whole toolkit of optional features you can take advantage of such as frameworks for CQS, auto-udates, caching and email templating. We also have a modular base framework that is full of extensibility points, which can be used to create your own plugins or inject your own customizations."

Cofoundry CMS

9 months ago1442

Open source library or nuget package built with .net core and c# by @uberdigital.

agency, United Kingdom

Project website: https://www.cofoundry.org/

Creator website: https://www.uberdigital.com/

Project twitter: cofoundrycms

Repository: https://github.com/cofoundry-cms/cofoundry

Client/employer: Uber Digital

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