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"Chaskis is a framework for creating IRC Bots in an easy way. It is a plugin-based architecture written in C# that can be run on Windows or Linux (with the use of Mono). Users of the bot can add or remove which plugins to run, or even write their own. Chaskis is named after the Chasqui, messengers who ran trails in the Inca Empire to deliver messages."


5 years ago2127

Open source console app built with .net framework and c# by @xforever1313.

hobbyist, United States

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Screenshot for .net console app HtmlToPdfCore


one month ago149

"A .Net Core console application that parses an HTML template and converts it to a PDF document. I needed an easy and quick solution to create a pdf file for a quoting…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @claudioviz.

hobbyist, South Africa

Screenshot for .net console app VBA Macro compiler

VBA Macro compiler

2 months ago102

"VBA Macro compiler is useful when developing Microsoft Office macros. It takes VBA modules and classes and a RibbonUI customisation to create macro enabled addin file…"

Console app built with .net core and c# by @jozefizso.

startup, Slovakia

Screenshot for .net console app https global tool

https global tool

5 years ago2786

"This project was built to help make submitting HTTP requests from a terminal easy for a human to use. https is a global .net core tool that submits HTTP requests usin…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @jon_cloud.

open source contributor, United States

Screenshot for .net console app Nyancat CLI

Nyancat CLI

5 years ago5360

"Nyancat is a small command line application using ANSI escape sequence to render the nyancat animation in your console. This is a port of the original terminal applicati…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @vandycknick.

hobbyist, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net console app WebTty


one month ago79

"Simple command-line tool for sharing your terminal over the web. It enables anyone to share their CLI tools as an easily accessible web application. Built on top of dotn…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @vandycknick.

hobbyist, Belgium

Screenshot for .net console app ASMBLR


5 years ago3251

"ASMBLR is an assembly inspired language, intended to help teach core programming. Dealing in simple 2 or 3 letter commands, like (ad)d for adding 2 variables, the langua…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @DanielShroff.

hobbyist, India

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