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Screenshot for .net mobile game Sjoelbak / Dutch Shuffleboard for iOS

"For years I have wanted to develop games as a hobby but never got a project to a finished state. This time I choose a limited scope fun game. And now it is done and on the App Store. Its the classic dutch game Sjoelen made for iOS It is made in c# with Xamarin.iOS, Scenekit and SpriteKit"

Sjoelbak / Dutch Shuffleboard for iOS

4 years ago2559

Mobile game built with Xamarin and c#.

hobbyist, Netherlands

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Mobile game built with Xamarin and c# by @Sasasoft.

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Screenshot for .net mobile game Tic Tac Toe Collection

Tic Tac Toe Collection

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Mobile game built with Xamarin and c#.

indie, United Kingdom

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