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Screenshot for .net web app #Remote

"A lot of designers and developers have "extra" hours in their day that they would like to earn more income with, so we made a directory of remote freelancers available for short-term projects. #Remote helps connect creative and technical professionals with clients seeking short-term, remote experts. We use Visual Studio 2019, with C#, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and a few Azure apps and data services. We are a small team but still need to share and track code so we use GitHub for our repository. I do all the design, HTML, CSS work and my developer handles all the back-end and JavaScript pieces. We are pleased with how stable the service is, the speed is excellent, and we're excited to build new features soon. We'll push out fixes for any bugs we find over the next few days, but then start working on "advanced" features for a pro, paid upgrade. We have lots of ideas to add value to the site and feel we can provide an excellent tool for people to use."


4 months ago163

Web app built with .net core and c# by @micahiverson.

indie, United States

Project website: https://www.hashtagremote.com/

Creator website: http://www.krazier.com

Project twitter: hashtagremote

Client/employer: Krazier Inc.

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Open source web app built with .net core and c# by @ashrafulalam.

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Screenshot for .net web app Ghostwriter.AI


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Screenshot for .net web app Fantasy Critic

Fantasy Critic

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Screenshot for .net web app TaskBeat


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Web app built with .net framework and c# by @mzagozda.

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Screenshot for .net web app BTCPay Server

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Screenshot for .net web app Clocktimizer


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"Clocktimizer is the AI-powered analytics platform for legal time tracking. We support both on-premise and cloud scenario's using a single code base. Although we'd love t…"

Web app built with .net framework and c# by @BramFokke.

startup, Netherlands

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