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"XamlCSS lets you style XAML applications with CSS. It combines the lean syntax and the the hierarchy-based styling of CSS with the native styling systems of the 3 major XAML dialects: WPF, UWP and Xamarin.Forms. Key features: - it is concise - lean CSS vs. verbose XML - partical SCSS support - nested selectors, variables,... - you can freely combine styles - more than just having "BaseOn" - styling by semantic words - i.e. "important", "primary", "secondary",... - based on view-hierarchy - support for XAML features - markup-extensions, bindings,... - designer support - see your changes instantaniously in your IDE"


2 years ago1685

Open source library or nuget package built with .net framework and c# by @thewarappa.

hobbyist, Austria

Project twitter: XamlCSS

Repository: https://github.com/warappa/XamlCSS

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one year ago1348

"Why data virtualization? Say, you want to display a table from a database which contains thousands of rows in your WPF-application. If an ordinary list is used in com…"

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c#.

hobbyist, Germany

Sentry .NET SDK

2 years ago3682

"An SDK for Sentry which is an OSS error tracking tool. The SDK is to be compatible with most .NET apps so the unit and integration tests run on .NET Framework, Mono and …"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c# by @getsentry.

startup, United States


2 years ago1623

"ADL is a new, modern way of writing native interop for .NET. Forget DllImport, forget static classes, forget slow overhead. Interfaces to native binding code - fast, eas…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c# by @JargonTheRed.

hobbyist, Sweden

Giraffe F# ASP.NET Core web framework

one year ago1869

"Giraffe is an F# micro web framework for building rich web applications. It has been heavily inspired and is similar to Suave, but has been specifically designed with AS…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net core and f# by @dustinmoris, @TheAngryByrd and @gerardtoconnor.

open source contributor, United Kingdom


2 years ago1432

"The Google Places API can be used to find locations and their details like geolocation, address and other data. It returns a predicted list of locations based on the inp…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c# by @jacobduijzer.

open source contributor, Netherlands

AutoHistory for EF Core

2 years ago3421

"A plugin for Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore to support automatically recording data changes history. Comes in handy when you want to create a log of data changes over tim…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net core and c#.

open source contributor, China

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