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Screenshot for .net mobile app Empires Of Lore

"Having been let down by several mobile games I simply decided that I could do better. With zero game development experience, and have been told that it is impossible to create an MMO game like this alone and that I needed a team of at least 15 people (I have that in writing from the experts in the industry)! I picked a genre that I was, and am passionate about and went for it! Empires of Lore is a Medieval Magic Fantasy RPG MMO, D&D type idle mobile game, time/event limited, similar to a turn-based, single, and multiplayer game. It's squarely aimed at busy people, who enjoy playing games on their mobiles! It is currently under development aiming for a release in Q2 2020. I am building it all on my own, with no outside help, except for art which I commissioned all the art from a friend. I would like to prove to the world that there are still developers like Linus Torvalds for example that can make something amazing, of enterprise-grade, of Apple intuitiveness end to end, and above all else fun to play, all on their own. This tactic, of doing it all on my own, does of course make the development timeline longer, and at times I need to dig deep, very deep, and just grind out the dev hours, however, it removes all issues of 'lost in communications', it also removes all issues of other people’s feelings, other people’s executive decisions and what not… I have not considered any of that. I have set myself the challenge to be truly creative and showcase one's creativity without being held back or put off by others. A key challenge when working in something like Xamarin Forms is the fact, that all UI work is done in the main thread, and that is very hard to make a game out of a Xamarin Forms-only project. A game needs threads, really it does 😉. However, where there is a will there indeed is a way! I hope you like this project, and indeed try the game when I release it, if you are a fan of this genre and your life’s too busy to immerse yourself in hours of dedicated game play then this game will be for you."

Empires Of Lore

one month ago61

Mobile app built with Xamarin and c# by @rob_daytona.

indie, United Kingdom

Project website: https://empiresoflore.com/

Project twitter: @LoreEmpires

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Screenshot for .net mobile app Pace To Race

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