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Screenshot for .net developer tool Mixcore CMS

"Fully Open Source ASP.Net Core CMS / Dotnet Core CMS UI Tools To create multi-purpose Web Apps & App Services. Built on top of ASP.Net Core / Dotnet Core, SignalR, Angular.JS, and Bootstrap. Special features (Out of the box) - Reliability - Member roles and permissions. - High Security - Strong Data Encryption and Security Compliance. - Multilingual - Flexible multilingual content migration. - High Performance - Millisecond response time. - Cross Platforms - Powered by .NET Core and run everywhere. - Online Coding - Visual Studio Code's heart inside. - Customizable Designs - Build any kind of website. - SEO Friendly - No extra plugin required. - Media Management - Multiple file formats for your website/application. - Manage On The Go - Manage and Code everywhere you want. - Easy and Accessible - Non-deep tech knowledge required. - Analytics - Inside Google Analytics dashboard & no extra plugin required. - Dynamic Modular Architecture - Powerful module layers & Attribute sets feature. - Extensibility - API-first architecture for Plug & Play. - Easy Backup - Powerful 1-step export. - More Coffee time! - You can relax and explore more ton of features are not listed here..."

Mixcore CMS

2 months ago111

Open source developer tool built with .net core and c# by @smilefounder and @nhathoang989.

enterprise, Viet Nam

Project website: https://mixcore.org/

Creator website: https://mixcore.studio/

Project twitter: Mixcore CMS

Repository: https://github.com/mixcore/mix.core

Client/employer: Huy Nguyen, Hoang Nguyen, Si Nguyen

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Screenshot for .net developer tool Fusion++


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"Fusion++ is a modern alternative to the Microsoft Assembly Binding Log Viewer (FUSLOGVW.exe). I always struggled with FUSLOGVW.exe: What's "Enable immersive logging"?…"

Open source developer tool built with .net framework and c# by @Waescher.

hobbyist, Germany

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Developer tool built with .net framework and c#.

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Screenshot for .net developer tool Hastlayer


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"Hastlayer is a tool that gives software developers a way of speeding up their programs by basically turning them into computer chips. They write standard code, then inst…"

Open source developer tool built with .net framework and c# by @Lombiq.

startup, Hungary

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