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Screenshot for .net web app Retrospect.Team

"We wanted to build a simple tool for doing team Retrospectives at the end of Sprints, but many of the tools we found online were either too complicated, too expensive or simply didn't fit our needs. So we built something simple, affordable, and to the point. Retrospect is a simple, real-time Kanban Collaboration Tool. Create a board, share it publicly or privately with your team members or friends, add cards, and take action. Retrospect is built on top of Azure using DotNet Core, BootStrap, C#, JavaScript, Stripe, GitHub, Azure Web Service, Azure SQL Server, and Azure Storage. We have numerous large companies using the site which happened much sooner than we had expected. This was the first time we worked with SignalR but found it quite easy and fun to work with and makes the tool much more interactive and "real-time", which is helpful for remote-based teams. We are focusing on building out more tools to help companies build "teams" and manage team members. We are looking to add in some 3rd party integrations and other useful features to expand the value of the service."


2 months ago110

Web app built with .net core and c# by @micahiverson and @krazierinc.

indie, United States

Project website: https://www.retrospect.team/

Creator website: https://www.krazier.com/

Client/employer: Krazier Inc.

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