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"Hangfire is an easy way to perform fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring jobs inside ASP.NET applications. CPU and I/O intensive, long-running and short-running jobs are supported. No Windows Service / Task Scheduler required. Backed by Redis, SQL Server, SQL Azure and MSMQ. Hangfire provides a unified programming model to handle background tasks in a reliable way and run them on shared hosting, dedicated hosting or in cloud. You can start with a simple setup and grow computational power for background jobs with time for these scenarios: mass notifications/newsletters, batch import from xml, csv or json, creation of archives, firing off web hooks, deleting users, building different graphs, image/video processing, purging temporary files, recurring automated reports, database maintenance, etc. "


one year ago1422

Library or NuGet package built with .net standard and c# by @odinserj.

open source contributor, Russian Federation

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one year ago931

"JavascriptUtils.NodeJS provides ways to invoke javascript in NodeJS, from .Net applications. On top of providing a way to invoke javascript from .js files on disk, Javas…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c# by @JeremyTCD.

indie, Singapore

EmbedIO web server

one year ago1956

"A tiny, cross-platform, module based, MIT-licensed web server for .NET Framework and .NET Core. * Written entirely in C#, using our helpful library SWAN * Network op…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c#.

enterprise, Mexico

Lottie animations for WPF

10 months ago2340

"Inspired by Lottie for Android, iOS, React Native, and Web, this library allows a WPF application to load and run Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with B…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net framework and c# by @Ascora and @PauloQuicoli.

open source contributor, Germany

Exico Shopify Framework

one year ago1417

"Exico Shopify Framework is a donet framework for building Shopify store apps. It uses the latest version of the AspNet Core and EF core. It is built using the best prac…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net core and c#.

hobbyist, Canada

LiteDb NoSql database

one year ago1366

"LiteDB is serverless database delivered in a single DLL (less than 350kb) fully written in .NET C# managed code (compatible with .NET 3.5, 4.x, NETStandard 1.3 and 2.0).…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net core and c# by @mbdavid.

open source contributor, Brazil


7 months ago559

"A .NET library that makes shelling out commands super easy and fluent. Think of it as a way to build human-readable shell scripts with the power of a full programming la…"

Open source library or nuget package built with .net standard and c# by @twitchax.

hobbyist, United States

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