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Screenshot for .net mobile app Cuterdio mobile radio app

"Cuterdio is the perfect app if you love music. Lean back and remember the good old times of sitting in a dark room and looking at the artwork of your favorite band. Simply choose your radio stations and listen to them with a few taps. The artist, track, and album with cover are displayed in a beautiful and clean user interface. Features: • Coverart • Album information • CarPlay • Time-based playing: Play stations at a specific time • Show in Apple Music • Show in Spotify • Show in Wikipedia • Show fullscreen cover • Big radio station database with more than 28.000 entries • Timeline of last played songs • No Ads • No login/registration"

Cuterdio mobile radio app

4 months ago143

Open source mobile app built with Xamarin and c#.

indie, Germany

Project website: https://cuterdio.com

Creator website: https://suplanus.de

Project twitter: JohannWeiher

Repository: https://github.com/Suplanus/Cuterdio

Client/employer: Johann Weiher

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