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Screenshot for .net web app English Cinema Kyiv

"Spending quite a lot of time in Kyiv, I was tired of trying to find the (very limited) showings of movies in English, as they dub most of the movies in Ukrainian. I talked to other expats, who had the same problem. So I built scrapers for all the cinemas in the area, aggregated the movies and showtimes, and built a fast/nice website, which will let you see which movies play in English and where/when. I also built a weekly newsletter, which is 100% automated. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to spread the word. I submitted to many English-language Facebook groups and reached out to local blogs etc. Most proud of how the site shows up organically in expat discussions when people talk about movies in English in Kyiv. It's always awesome to see others promote, what you created. Technically, I am also proud of being able to dynamically generate pictures for Instagram posts and the OG image for sharing, which is updated daily with up-to-date information, which makes it seem much fresher when people share on social media. You need to have a robust system for scraping, which needs to be flexible enough to not break on small changes to websites. You also need automated systems in place, that can detect if scraped data is getting stale (like if a scraper is not failing, but just no longer returning data). I am currently building a similar website for another large European city, where I also spend time."

English Cinema Kyiv

4 months ago203

Web app built with .net core and c# by @klausjensendk.

hobbyist, Denmark

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Screenshot for .net web app OrchardCore CMS

OrchardCore CMS

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Screenshot for .net web app HubCount


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hobbyist, Viet Nam

Screenshot for .net web app Money


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Screenshot for .net web app Raytha


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