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Screenshot for .net developer tool Imitate Email

"Nearly all the software we've ever built sent emails at some point. Building and testing those emails has always been a pain for us and involving our clients when doing user acceptance testing has always involved a hacked-together solution. Imitate Email provides an end-to-end email testing tool so that devs can build/test, using a client of choice alongside APIs, and then easily provide access to emails in QA using a web widget that they can embed in their software - you can automatically authenticate testers who think it's part of your app! "

Imitate Email

27 days ago68

Developer tool built with .net core and c# by @markjerz and @jamesholwell.

startup, United Kingdom

Project website: https://imitate.email

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Screenshot for .net developer tool seRead serial port reader

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Open source developer tool built with .net standard and c# by @DanielShroff.

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Open source developer tool built with .net framework and c# by @jlaban and @francoistanguay.

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Screenshot for .net developer tool HttPlaceholder


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Open source developer tool built with .net core and c#.

open source contributor, Netherlands

Screenshot for .net developer tool Cake (C# Make)

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Open source developer tool built with .net standard and c#.

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Screenshot for .net developer tool vvvv gamma

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indie, Germany

Screenshot for .net developer tool VS Mac Code Coverage

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5 days ago27

"A Visual Studio for Mac extension that gathers and visualizes code coverage for your unit testing projects. I frequently write automated testing suites for my C# deve…"

Open source developer tool built with .net framework and c# by @arthurdemanuele.

open source contributor, Malta

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