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Screenshot for .net web app Real Exit Interview

"When I left my job, the only "reviews" I had were formal - and no 360 or from peers. I found there was a missing piece in the market for true interviews of my PEERS. What did THEY think of my leadership, performance, attitude, and so forth? I had no way to determine how I could improve, or if I did a good job. I didn't need to know who was critiquing me - I just wanted the feedback. So I took to building that utility - and here it is - Real Exit Interview. My peers can submit feedback about me, anonymously by default. If I like my "score" and what I see, I can share it with another employer. If I don't, well, then I need to improve. And so I added information for improvement, books I've read and recommend, and those others have recommended to me for improvement. I hope you enjoy the site and that it helps you understand yourself, and your path to improvement as a leader and/or individual contributor. Tech Details: * Blazor - my first Blazor project * EF Core"

Real Exit Interview

27 days ago53

Web app built with .net core and c# by @Auri.

indie, United States

Project website: https://realexitinterview.com

Creator website: https://auri.net

Client/employer: Auri's Ideas LLC

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