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Screenshot for .net mobile app Elk 49

"In April 2023, a friend asked me if I could recreate Drop 7, an old, abandoned puzzle game. That would take way too much time I thought. But I still decided to spend a weekend just so see if I could do a simple prototype, I would not go further than that. Six months later the first version was released. Elk 49 is mostly built in Blazor, and the website has a fully functional web assembly version. But with the power of MAUI, it also runs in Windows and Android, which is by far the most popular version. This is the most fun project I ever worked on! Most of the time, the technology just worked. The hardest part was to create graphics and sound. I'm not a designer but quite happy with the result. Most importantly, the game itself is fun to play."

Elk 49

2 months ago300

Mobile app built with .net maui and c#.

hobbyist, Sweden

Project website: https://pekspro.com/products/elk49/

Creator website: https://pekspro.com

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