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Articles by James Hickey

The life-changing (and time-saving!) magic of Feature Focused code organisation.

one year ago by James Hickey

Have you ever been frustrated at the typical enterprise code structure? Is it Hard to find code? Does adding new features take forever? I've been there too. Let me show you a better way.

Fluent APIs Make Developers Love Using Your .NET Libraries

one year ago by James Hickey

Ever get frustrated when you use 3rd party libraries or internal tools that are supposed to be "reusable" - but you end up having to dig into the source code or docs just to remember how to get started? I'll show you how to write code that is a joy to work with.

Where Do I Put My Business Rules And Validation?

one year ago by James Hickey

Ever struggle with where to place your app's business rules and validation? Should it be in your MVC controllers? Should you put them in your MVC models? Etc.? I'll show you a battle-tested technique used in Domain Driven Design. Now, you'll know what to do!

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Hello, I'm Corstiaan. I'm a .net developer from the Netherlands and I manage BuiltWithDot.Net. I created this site as a place where developers working with .net technology can showcase their projects and inspire other developers.

There's so much you can build with .net these days that I thought it would be nice to have a corner of the web dedicated to the breadth of .net. Enjoy!

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