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Screenshot for .net ar app HoloLens object recognition

"I'm a fan of Terminator movies. This project is about doing Terminator Vision in Hololens. What it does Do Object Detection and analysis using Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision API. The user would say 'Scan Image', hololens will snapshot the scene, A Box Assistant will respond to the request and speak out to describe, label and identify content. How I built it Using the Hololens camera, capture an image and send it to Microsoft Cognitive Services Vision API. Learn more here: https://www.microsoft.com/cognitive-services/en-us/computer-vision-api Challenges I ran into Getting the Box To talk properly. Sometimes it takes longer to send data to Cognitive Services and the user will have to wait for the results."

HoloLens object recognition

3 years ago2507

AR app built with unity and c#.

open source contributor, United States

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AR app built with Xamarin and c# by @andyjnorton.

enterprise, United Kingdom

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