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Screenshot for .net console app .NET Core Koans

"The .NET Core Koans walk you along the path to enlightenment in order to learn C# on .NET Core. The goal is to learn C# syntax, structure and some common functions and libraries available on the .NET Core platform. .NET Core is a cross-platform environment that runs happily on Windows, OS X and Linux. It is super simple to get started learning. This project is based on the work of Cory Foy and his original multi-language project DotNetKoans. If you are interested in learning VB.NET or the Full .NET Framework (windows only), please look at his fine work. Programming Koans came about because of the most enlightened Ruby Koans by Jim Weirich. Jim was a great teacher & programmer whom I had the pleasure of meeting, learning from and playing games with. Rest in peace, sir. We will continue your effort to bring a love of the craft to anyone willing to learn. For a fuller explanation of what is going here, see the blog post Learn C# on Windows, OSX or Linux with the .NET Core Koans."

.NET Core Koans

3 years ago16657

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @NotMyself.

open source contributor, United States

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Screenshot for .net console app Nyancat CLI

Nyancat CLI

3 years ago4134

"Nyancat is a small command line application using ANSI escape sequence to render the nyancat animation in your console. This is a port of the original terminal applicati…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @vandycknick.

hobbyist, United Kingdom

Screenshot for .net console app https global tool

https global tool

2 years ago1983

"This project was built to help make submitting HTTP requests from a terminal easy for a human to use. https is a global .net core tool that submits HTTP requests usin…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @jon_cloud.

open source contributor, United States

Screenshot for .net console app RemarkFS Markdown slides

RemarkFS Markdown slides

3 years ago2031

"RemarkFS is an Markdown slide creation tool based on Remark built with FSharp. Using tools and libraries like FAKE, Fue and FSharp.Formatting, RemarkFS utilizes scripts …"

Open source console app built with mono and f# by @ljquintanilla.

hobbyist, United States

Screenshot for .net console app Chaskis


3 years ago1570

"Chaskis is a framework for creating IRC Bots in an easy way. It is a plugin-based architecture written in C# that can be run on Windows or Linux (with the use of Mono). …"

Open source console app built with .net framework and c# by @xforever1313.

hobbyist, United States

Screenshot for .net console app CloneTfsVariableGroup


2 years ago1461

"When using Variable Groups one sometimes wants to clone complete grous of variables for different builds, deployments or tasks. There are some tools avaiable but I had a…"

Open source console app built with .net core and c# by @jacobduijzer.

enterprise, Netherlands

Screenshot for .net console app λ# - Serverless .NET on AWS

λ# - Serverless .NET on AWS

2 years ago2434

"λ# is a command line tool and a framework for serverless application development. λ# uses a simple declarative syntax to generate sophisticated CloudFormation templates …"

Open source console app built with .net core and c#.

startup, United States

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