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Screenshot for .net mobile app Tagpie

"Tagpie is a social media hashtag management app. It saves time and effort by allowing you to collect, organize, and share your social media hashtags. Hashtags can be added or imported and arranged into categories. From there, hashtags can be selected from across your categories and then shared to another app or copied to the clipboard. Quality of life features such as preventing the selection of duplicate tags, notifications when you try to add a tag that's already in your stash, and an alert when you've reached your limit of selected tags, aim to do the job of storing and using your hashtags as easy and as frictionless as possible. Tagpie is available on Android and iOS and, apart from one small service that allows you to choose a file in which to export your tags, shares one codebase. Several especially useful features of Xamarin.Forms and .NET are used to provide functionality in the app, including XAML and the visual state manager for responsive layout across screen sizes and form factors; LINQ for easy and efficient querying of collections of objects; composite controls which provide consistent behavior across platforms but which are formed by performant native controls; and dynamic resourcing for app theming. As a husband and wife development team, where the work is done in our spare time, there's no way we could have developed and maintained two separate implementations of Tagpie. Xamarin.Forms allowed us to develop once and release on both major mobile platforms. This was achieved with little to no knowledge of iOS native development. The plan is to continue developing Tagpie with regular updates, including features such as hashtag statistics and the ability to share tag collections with others."


3 months ago126

Mobile app built with Xamarin and c# by @marsscotia.

indie, United Kingdom

Project website: http://tagpie.co.uk/

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