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Screenshot for .net web app GoodyOrBaddy.com

"I wanted to learn how to use ML.NET (Microsoft's Machine learning library) to create an image classification machine learning model I downloaded images of good cartoon characters and bad characters and created a image classification model using them. I can now take an image of a cartoon character and the model tells me (with surprisingly accuracy) whether the character is a goody or a baddy, Months later I returned to the project to create a front end (web page) at GoodyOrBaddy.com, upload an image and execute the ML code in an Azure Function that is called and returns to the web page. I may train the model further if I get reports of many characters incorrectly classified. I have shared the code on GitHub and am putting a talk together to discuss the project and how others can make their own ML models using ML.NET"


4 months ago195

Open source web app built with .net core and c# by @LeeEnglestone.

hobbyist, United Kingdom

Project website: https://goodyorbaddy.com

Creator website: https://twitter.com/LeeEnglestone

Repository: https://github.com/leeenglestone/GoodyOrBaddy

Client/employer: Avanade

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